About Us

In the early 1970’s, Don Stafford, a native Montrealer, was a wine connoisseur and a devoted coffee drinker.

While mastering the art of wine making, he discovered a kinship between wine tasting and coffee cupping. With his passion for knowledge, he became the walking encyclopedia on coffee!

Though coffee has been in existence for over 1000 years, Don sensed a new beginning.  In 1977, Don and his wife Rita became pioneers in bringing gourmet coffees to their home town and in educating Montrealers in the Art of Coffee. This was the birth of The Coffee Gourmet Centre on Greene Avenue in Westmount. In 1981, the second location opened at the Marche de l’Ouest in the West Island area.

Don passed away in 1994 but his legacy lives on!  Today, Rita along with her daughters Lynn and Donna continue to run the family business from their Showroom in Dorval.

The Stafford family shares a wealth of knowledge of the coffee industry. Their expertise in blending and creating your ideal brew is what fuels them to continue offering you the best coffee advice in town!

Mission Statement


The Coffee Gourmet Centre is a family business, founded in 1977. Our passion is to offer the finest Arabica coffees from the great plantations of the world, roasted to our exacting standards.

This is the kind of quality everyone deserves.

The Stafford Family

Member of Commerce Dorval

We support… 

In our Dorval community, we support many local schools and youth sporting activities.

Fund Raising

It is our pleasure to inform you about our Beans for Bucks Fundraising Program.  We researched the traditional fundraising products and knew we could offer a much higher profit to the organizations through the sales of Gourmet quality coffee and delicious hot chocolate.

We package 200 grams of our coffee or 454 grams of Dutch hot chocolate in a sealed, yet re-usable sturdy bag.  The front panel of the bag is blank so that you can affix a label of your own and personalize it to your organization,  school, or sport program.

Compare this program with some of the others you have contracted to sell in the past and we are sure your efforts will be better compensated through our program. Include a re-order sheet to the individuals and make this a year round fund raising opportunity.

For more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!